breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago

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breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago

Each country has its own habits when it comes to the most important meal of the day: The German swears by his bread with cold cuts or jam, in the United States pancakes and French toast are served while soup in the morning on the menu in Asian countries.
Even in Trinidad and Tobago is not something for breakfast – there is every morning “Doubles”.
On two small, deep-fried flat bread made with chickpea curry is given and assigned to various chutneys. The taste variation ranges from sweet to spicy.

No fixed recipe

The classic double is rather mild, but he who prefer a sharper, for there is the Hot Pepper Sauce and the corresponding powder. For the chickpea curry (channa) there is no fixed recipe. The same applies to the chutneys. Pickled cucumber and mango give the whole a particularly delicious touch. It can be seen quite clearly the Indian origin, flavored with Caribbean spices.

The most famous breakfast snack in the capital Port of Spain is found in George, who sold until recently with his wife doubles. But the two have broken up and so each has its own stand close to each other.
The George is located in a side street off the main road in a nondescript garage entrance. The untrained eye actually recognize him only the long line and eating people on the roadside.

an all-rounder

Until recently, there were only doubles for breakfast. Meanwhile, the court has blossomed into an all-rounder: The quick lunch in between or the nightly party snack.
The consumption of doubles is a little problematic because the sauce is very fluid. Professionals use the flatbread as spare spoon, while the beginners as it tries to eat a taco.

The search for the perfect recipe is actually ineffective, because every street vendor has its perfect mix that he did not want to reveal.

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