Bulgari Hotel & Resort Bali

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Bulgari Hotel & Resort Bali

Discover on the island of Bali in Indonesia luxury with a big name and a unique location. At the southernmost tip of the island, the luxurious Hotel Jewel Bulgari Hotel & Resort lie at the edge of a 150 m high cliff overlooking the Pacific. The house of the internationally-renowned luxury brand Bulgari is both stylistically and in terms of service new standards. The combination of Italian and traditional Balinese style is unique in this form. Mediterranean set masonry and classically elegant furnishings harmonize perfectly with airy Balinese roof structures and lush green vegetation. The big highlight here represents the position of the Bulgari Resort on the edge of the cliff, which promises you a phenomenal panorama. Whether the main pool or at one of the private infinity pools, which are among the luxury villas – you float in the cool water and let your gaze wander over the vastness of the ocean wander. Below the pool lies at the foot of the cliff the private beach. This can only be reached with a private elevator, which is reserved exclusively for hotel guests. The beach is not suitable due to the flow conditions for swimming. As it is, however, so hardly touched by man can be found here always schools of Deflinen a playing happily in the water and it can be well observed from both the beach and by the pools on the cliff. In addition to luxurious villas and a choice of three superb restaurants and a bar located in the Bulgari Resort an excellent spa.

In Bali, the ideal travel time does not determine the temperature, since this is all year around 27 ° C. However, you should note the monsoon season. This is from December to March and is characterized by severe, but usually brief rain.
The night is to be had here from 407 € per person and includes breakfast, either in the restaurant or in the villa.

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