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There are a few of the most fascinating destinations in the Caribbean, its largest and most populous island, Cuba – the fact that it is a socialist republic since the revolution of 1959, when Fidel Casto took power, certainly contributes to its reputation. The latter remained the bulwark of state socialism, 145 km south of Key West, Florida, was once the last bastion of Spanish rule in the region.

The rich artistic heritage of Cuban ranging from pre-Columbian cultures to the splendors of Spanish colonialism, the internationally acclaimed today. It is also a place of great natural beauty, with three magnificent mountain ranges and fertile plains where they grow sugar cane and tobacco. Not to mention that here are among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

A quarter of the 11 million Cubans living in Havana or nearby; a city, this, which claims to be the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Old Havana, with its large colonial palaces, handsome plazas and charming cobbled alleys, with Mexico City and Lima, is one of three Spanish cities (outside Spain), the richest artistic point of view, as to be named world Heritage by UNESCO.

Cuba has a population peaceful and multi-racial, who reserves his greatest enthusiasm for music. It is the home of the modern rumba, actually of African origin, mambo, cha-cha-cha and salsa. Not to mention the excellent Cuban jazz. Wherever you go on the island, music will follow.

The trip can be a real adventure. The means of transport are cheap and convivial. Cuba is the only country in the world where hitchhiking is regulated by the state – in the nicest possible way. Every city has a collection point hitch with the presence of an officer in yellow trousers who supervises hitchhikers, registers their destinations and loads them on any state or private car you are heading in the right direction. Tourists are absolved from the obligation aboard hitchhikers.

If you get the chance, visit Cuba, you will not regret. It is a vibrant island full of beaches and seaside resorts, some of them very large – and the fact that it reproduces the cleaned-up version and uniform of modern tourism appeals to many of its visitors.

AIRPORTS / GATEWAYS / FLYING TIMES: There are charter flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow with various tour operators. Cubana Airlines and Virgin Atlantic fly direct from Gatwick. Air France and Iberia from Heathrow Airport with stopovers in Paris or Madrid. There are several international airports, Havana (HAV), Varadero (VRA), Holguin (HOG), Santiago de Cuba (SCU) are the main ones.

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