Do’s and Don’ts in Italy

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Do's and Don'ts in Italy


Set the clock on Italian time
In Italy the day, although not more than 24 hours, although the clocks tick in a different clock. The Roman tour guide ever delayed by half an hour and the boutique where you really want to empty his wallet, opens an hour later. It is best to adapt and stay as relaxed tackle, as the Italians their daily lives.

Always take your receipt
The “scontrino” is the proof that taxes were paid for the goods and services purchased for the civilian officials of the “Guardia di Finanzia”. It is not rare that corresponding checks are carried out. Can you then the document does not show, await you and the seller hefty fines.

Wrap a scarf even in summer
Nothing goes as good as a light summer dress to Italian daily temperatures in bright, funky colors. Too close clothed However, access to the holy sites of the country is a prohibited. So it is advisable to always have something to himself, to present themselves properly on holy ground can.

Leave enough room for spontaneity
A trip to a Venetian village, which was not in the guide, a visit to a prosciutto festival, of which one had heard casually – these are the memories of which can still be friends a long time report. Who issues the blinders can just in Italy more room for unexpected experiences.



In almost all restaurants, such a combo menu is offered at a discount rate. For the price you can but usually do not expect any local specialties. Carelessly displayed presents a steak, some meager salad and half a tomato on the plate.

Lose valuables out of sight
Italy differs on this point little from other countries more attractive cities every year millions of tourists. To make tricksters and pickpockets do not give rise to the fingers long, it is advisable to give up his stuff on the big squares and dense mixtures with extreme caution.

Buy From mysterious street vendors
To look at the opportunity at the weekly markets of Italy is a must. However, sellers who want to keep their goods seemingly secret or opportunities promise that will not come again in life, you should not trust. In general, it is not worth it here namely to take the risk.

Visit the ancient landmarks of the metropolis at any price
It is to fight through completely crowded tourist attractions to witness Roman Bauk√ľnste not be necessary. The Romans were an industrious people and have left their mark throughout the country. Some of them you can almost undisturbed and relaxing soak up. Piazza Armerina, Sicily is in any case a trip.

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