Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the pearls in the Persian Gulf

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Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the pearls in the Persian Gulf

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates of the Arabian peninsula, lying on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. Founded in 1971 UAE have contributed greatly to the development of the region and its political stability. They are of course known mostly for their glittering and magnificent cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where the sheikhs have built traditional, but also ultra modern palaces. The country has even more to offer. A large part of the Great Arabian desert, the Rub al Khali, covered. This is partly National Park, home to rare fauna and boasts beautiful landscapes. On the coast of the Persian Gulf, which is rarely deeper than 100 m, there are beautiful beaches, coral reefs and some idyllic islands.

Source: itravelNach a pleasant short flight with the airline Emirates from Dusseldorf to Dubai it went straight to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, third largest mosque in the world. In its external dimensions of 224 times 174 meters, the mosque can accommodate 40,000 worshipers. Its four minarets have a height of 107 meters each, the main dome over the prayer hall is an impressive 75 meters. With a diameter of 32.2 meters, it is the largest mosque dome in the world. The mosque also decorate seven chandeliers in gold-plated brass and stainless steel, imported from Germany. Were processed thousands of Swarovski crystals, which are drop-shaped and designed in different colors. Rarely have I seen such a magnificent house of worship. In the light of all the twinkling lights I had the feeling of being in a fairy tale palace from 1001 nights.

After visiting a mosque, we discovered the roots of the culture of the United Arab Emirates at the Heritage Village. Guided by the Emirates Heritage Club, granted this replica of a traditional oasis village an interesting insight into the past of the Emirates. The Bedouin tribes of the region formerly lived by trade and seafaring and were always open to foreign cultures. A high phase experienced the Emirates in the 18th and 19th centuries thanks to the pearl fisheries.

After an exciting and impressive day was a dinner at the Emirates Palace on the program. The food in the Arab restaurant was like a dream from 1001 night. At a long table, delicacies of the region were served – an absolute treat!

After that we visited some of the most exclusive suites of the hotel. These are truly regal furnishings and offer a luxury you can sometimes barely imagine. If you want to really treat yourself to something special once, then one, two nights in these “chambers” just right. But the “normal” rooms of the Emirates Palace let it not lack anything. The Arab hospitality requires that you prefer something more than perhaps too little offers the guest. Insofar here to cleanliness and friendly service is on refined furnishings, respected. A vacation in this place is relaxation for all the senses.

I spent the night at the Hotel Beach Rotana in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi to Dubai is the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates and also its capital. The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the business and shopping districts of Abu Dhabi. The famous Abu Dhabi Mall is found, for example, directly opposite the hotel and other boutiques and malls are easily accessible. There are around still a number of other hotels that all offer a high standard, without lapsing lavish luxury. So enough money remains in your holiday budget to shop to your heart’s content. All this makes Abu Dhabi the perfect destination for a weekend break for shopping in the United Arab Emirates.

On the second day we visited the falcon hospital in Abu Dhabi. It is the largest and best equipped hospital Falk world with a capacity of about 6,000 per year falcon. The sheikhs of the emirates hold for many generations falcons for hunting and as a status symbol and can be the health of their animals cost a lot. The falcon hospital is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the nursing station for sick animals there is also a release center here. This prepares hawks that are no longer used for hunting, to live in the wild before and then put them in the original homelands of the Peregrine, from Iran to Pakistan again in the wild. We were allowed during a routine examination at one of the expensive watch and animals following I even had a full-grown hawk on his hand. That the hawk has a wingspan of over a meter he was surprisingly light, which, as the doctor told me is due to the ultra-light bones of birds. Definitely a memorable experience!

Source: itravelDie following days stood Dubai on the program, where our group at the hotel Atlantis The Palm lived. The hotel is located at the tip of The Palm Jumeirah, one of the newly created palm-shaped islands in Dubai. This luxurious 5-star hotel, each room is decorated in subtle oceanic and Arabic flair has either views of the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf and the island of The Palm and Dubai. Already in the entrance hall you have the feeling to be in the sunken city of Atlantis. The Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai has given me an unforgettable, unique experience. Particularly enthusiastic myself the countless leisure facilities at the hotel. The Aquaventure Water Park is the largest water park in the United Arab Emirates. Here I let myself go with a tubular quite relaxing on the Lazy River. Then I discovered in “The Lost Chambers” an underwater aquarium and two oversized pools. Other highlights are the white sandy beach, exclusive boutiques, luxurious spa Shuiqi and fabulous 17 restaurants and bars. Here’s guarantees something for everyone!

Source: itravelAu├čerhalb Hotels Dubai of course has much to offer. A ride on the Sheikh Zayed Road impressed, not least by the many high-rise buildings in the last decade. The highlight is of course the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. With a double-deck elevators, I went to the observation deck in the 124th floor at 452 meters altitude. It is the second highest publicly accessible observation deck after the Shanghai World Financial Center and offered me an incomparable view of Dubai and “The World”, the artificially created island in the sea world.

Source: itravelAls grand finale of the trip we took part in an SUV Safari with a final evening in the desert camp. After an exciting ride on the 4 ├Ś 4-wheel drive Jeep on the dunes we took a ride on camels. Upon returning to the camp waiting for us Arabic evening. The sun sets in the desert under very quickly and after a truly phenomenal beautiful sunset broke fast in the night. There numerous torches were lit and in a magnificent, open tent, we were invited to a richly laid table. These were belly dancing and henna tattoos on the program.

After seven exciting days it went with the airline Emirates back comfortably accustomed to Dusseldorf.

I can really put Dubai and the United Arab Emirates only to the heart – no matter whether you are short a weekend whim want to experience a full-fledged holiday shopping or. The great thing about the UAE is that you rarely have to travel long distances and are not only introduced a warm hospitality and surprisingly open culture, but also beautiful nature and excellent infrastructure are waiting for you.

If you now have to get fancy a trip to the United Arab Emirates and to Dubai, then invite you to browse a bit with us and be inspired. Not far away, on the other side of the Arabian peninsula, Oman, which features a similar magical blend of scenery, culture and people. Of course you our knowledgeable travel counselors are also happy with personal advice.

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