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Netherlands Antilles

Those who decide to visit the Netherlands Antilles has the opportunity to choose between five islands, all different but that are equivalent but in terms of beauty. Five precious jewels surrounded by crystal clear water: Curacao and Bonaire in the southern Caribbean and Saba, Saint Martin and Saint Eustasius north-west. Curacao is the largest: the capital, Willemstad, is a renowned as a tourist destination port, separated by the St. Anna bay of the adjacent port of Shottegat. The territory was declared a World Heritage Site.
An alternative destination is the island of Bonaire, especially suited for nature lovers and scuba divers: beautiful are the coral reefs with colorful fish species characteristic. Superb also the nature of Sheba, green and fresh.

The country’s economy and ‘essentially based on agriculture, fishing and tourism. Like other Caribbean countries, the cost of living is expensive, this aspect and ‘certainly encouraged by the large influx of tourists throughout the year. The average cost of a living room is around € 150 excluding daily excursions.

The climate is tropical semi-arid and temperatures range between 28 and 31 ° C. It is recommended to visit the country in the dry season which runs from December to April, if nothing else you will avoid hurricanes.

The health care facility and hospital is satisfactory. No compulsory vaccination. Given the high cost of health care, we advise you to take out an insurance coverage for any medical expenses and repatriation immediately.
Required documents: passport. No vaccinations required.
Language: Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Currency: Guilder Netherlands Antilles and Aruban Florin. The USDollar is still accepted everywhere.
Climate: tropical with average temperatures from 28 ° C to 35 ° C.
Time Zone: 5 hours less than in Italy.
Event Details: The Carnival of Aruba

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