Ocoa Bay: the first Caribbean vineyard

Ocoa Bay: the first Caribbean vineyard

In the field of wine is not immediately think of the Dominican Republic, and instead the country hosts in the suggestive Ocoa Bay, south of the island, the first and only vineyard in the Caribbean that produces a high quality wine. It is a special wine, in white, red and rosé, where you can find the scent of plants and sea and that by the time satisfies domestic production. It is part of OCOA BAY project also an eco-resort, a sustainable country residence and the first large investment in this area pristine located between sea and mountains in the area of ​​Azua and Baní.

Ocoa Bay the first Caribbean vineyard

Ocoa bay promoter of the initiative is the Gora Kardan Investment and the idea belongs to a well-known architect Dominican, Gabriel Acevedo, who strongly believed in the project of experimental vineyard. Acevedo was convinced that the vine could grow under the warm Caribbean sun, strong even that Ocoa Bay was the place where the Spanish conquerors created the first vineyards in America and from where this crop has spread throughout the continent. Numerous varieties adapted successfully in Ocoa Bay thanks to the work of a renowned Spanish enologist involved in the project such as: French Colombard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Moscato de Hamburgo, Italy, Malvasía, Montepulciano, Alphonse Lavallée, Passerina, Syrah, Rebo, Cannonau, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Xarel-ló, Red Globe, Misiones and Senso.

Ocoa bay2Al currently visiting OCOA BAY includes guided tours in the vineyard sounds of classical music, wine tasting, tasting the sea-view restaurant that serves cuisine zero km of fresh fish and vegetables in the area, relax in the infinity pool bay or participation in private events in a dream location. Among the activities organized by the resort, as well as food and wine tastings, there is participation in the grape harvest and in numerous seminars or themed events. In the future are also planned for a hotel-boutique, club-house, the opening of other restaurants, conference halls, private villas and numerous tourist services.

OCOA BAY is an eco-sustainable project aimed at conservation of endemic plants that populate the area with the planting of more than 100,000 types of shrubs and protection of coral reefs and marine animal species. The Bay is an uncontaminated area in the country; low rainfall, the high percentage of sunny days, mild and windy climate, the lack of moisture, the perfect calm sea for water sports (fishing, sailing, sailing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, diving, etc.), make it a perfect place all year for a holiday in total relaxation

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