The British Virgin Islands – Treasure of Caribbean

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The British Virgin Islands - Treasure of Caribbean

What is Caribbean for you? Palm trees? White beach? Drinking cocktails from coconut? True, but there is still so much more!
Straight to the British Virgin Islands you have the ideal opportunity to discover little-known diversity of the Caribbean. Join us on a journey to the island of the Lesser Antilles and surprise yourself.

The British Virgin Islands are a group of about 60 islands, which lie about 100 km east of Puerto Rico and form the northern end of the “Leeward Islands”. The nearly 30,000 inhabitants of the islands are spread mainly due to the large islands of Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola and Virgin Gorda, with the majority living on the main island of Tortola. Overall, only 16 of the islands are permanently inhabited. Many remain completely left to itself and consequently contain an original and wild nature.

The climate enjoyed by the British Virgin Islands a tropical paradise climate. Whether summer or winter, the day temperatures still hover around 30 ° C and wonderfully warm fall night off to just over 20 ° C. Pleasantly mild ocean breezes make from for light refreshment and also the and falling rain does not really bother. As the hurricane season from June to November maximum one should not necessarily plan a vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

As a starting point for a trip to the British Virgin Islands, the main island of Tortola is recommended. Here you will find a wealth of all, what makes the Caribbean so. Starting with paradisiacal dream beaches such as Smuggler’s Cove to sheltered little bays accessible as the Brandywine Bay. On Tortola you will also find museums that give you exciting about the history of the islands, their colonization and culture. Stroll on Main Street, where you local products of jam offered to art at many stands, and indulge yourself in the bustling and family restaurants fresh seafood, goat curry and Jonny Cakes, the Caribbean version of the pancake, taste. Tortola is popular for sailing around the world. It offered to you here many opportunities to charter a yacht and take exciting trips to the other islands.

On Tortola you dive into the lifestyle of the British Virgin Islands

One of the highlights of the British Virgin Islands is the third largest island in the group, Virgin Gorda, the “fat virgin”. This is known for its many natural wonders, and protected national parks. Well-maintained hiking trails around the island through the thick vegetation and forward again to vantage points from which you will have a fantastic panoramic view of green hills and the navy blue waters of the Caribbean. One of the most famous places of Virgin Gorda is certainly The Bath. This collection of huge granite rocks that have been ground smooth by the sea over thousands of years, formed mysterious grottos and natural pools ideal for swimming, snorkeling and dreams. An exciting trail on which you sometimes crawl through shallow caves or wade through waist-deep lagoon, runs through the park and lets you pause in wonder again and again.

The “fat virgin” holds many natural wonders ready

For their phenomenal underwater world especially the island Anegada is known. In contrast to the volcanic islands of the British Virgin Islands Anegada is a coral island and therefore has a very low silhouette. The island is surrounded by extensive coral reefs, of which the Horseshoe Reef is the largest (it is also the third largest reef in the Caribbean). Snorkelers are here rave about. Needle fish, stingrays and parrotfish are just three of the countless colorful fish species here at home. But on land there is to see special. The trail leads to the Bones Bight along a popular holiday place of rare rock iguanas, and in some lagoons are large flocks of flamingos to find. And if you want to unwind after a busy day, just enjoy the sunset in a hammock on the beach.

Anegada is the dream for snorkelers and divers

If you’re looking for entertainment and the colorful Caribbean life, then a trip to Jost Van Dyke is right for you. Named after a Dutch pirate island is inhabited by about 300 people and is still one of the centers of the Caribbean life in the British Virgin Islands. Particularly well known is the island for its beach bars where the most exuberant of the islands are celebrated and attract revelers from around the world. Since eating and drinking together are also in the Caribbean, Jost Van Dyke is also valued for its cuisine. A Caribbean beach barbecue with fresh grilled fish and lobster you can not miss here. Quiet moments you can experience when you visit the ruins of an old sugar mill or in a dip in the natural hot baths, which has formed on the east side of the island the sea.

Food, dancing and drinking – Jost Van Dyke bursting with joie de vivre

If you would now like to travel to the British Virgin Islands, pack your bags and head for you! In November, the hurricane season ends and then the Caribbean presents itself from its best side. Since there are no direct flights from Germany to the British Virgin Islands, the arrival on Puerto Rico (about 9 hours) and from there on to Trotola (about 35 minutes) is recommended. If you experience contrasts Caribbean, arriving completely stress-free and also have a look at San Juan, the charming capital of Puerto Rico want to take, you can do this very simply with itravel.
As an EU citizen you can travel to the British Virgin Islands wholly straightforward with a minimum six months valid, machine-readable passport. Special immunization requirements do not apply. But you should pack something to protect against mosquitoes. Otherwise, your luggage is due to the climate certainly be relatively easy. Tuxedo and gown you may have left at home, as well as in the upscale homes of the islands usually a casual dress code – casual chic – prevails.

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