The world’s best destinations for traveling with children

The world's best destinations for traveling with children

Travelling with small children? If you want to enjoy a family holiday entertaining and educational, do not miss the tourist destinations that we offer today Destinolandia.

We are introducing the world’s best destinations for traveling with children. Pure nature, family entertainment, amusement parks and more. Experiences for everyone to enjoy large and small.

Arizona baby: nature, ranches and animals

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Respect animals and appreciate the natural environment around us are very important lessons that children should learn. Therefore, in Destinolandia we recommend a tourist destination where flora and fauna live together in perfect harmony. For example, US Arizona. Children can explore the canyons of the area, admiring the beauty of the waterfalls, horseback riding and many other activities in contact with nature.

Arizona baby

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The world's best destinations for traveling with children

Niagara Falls Skyline

A giant Lego in Denmark

But if your kids are lego lovers, maybe Denmark is an interesting destination. Here you will find a park full-scale Lego offers children a fun, cultural and educational tourism. Science, museums, literature and attractions are the main attraction of this park.

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Furthermore, Denmark is a very affordable destination if you travel with children. In the vast majority of hotels, if the children sleep in the same room with parents, no extra charge for an extra bed. And as transport, small also they pay very little (in some cases not at all) if you move in public transport.

Canada: culture and nature

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Niagara Falls and Cirque du Soleil are two good reasons to visit Canada in the company of the smallest of the house. A country that reveals breathtaking natural parks and cities as magical as charming.

UK: the world of Harry Potter

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The UK is another interesting destination if you travel with children. Younger guests can practice English while discovering some of the most emblematic corners of this city. The Big Ben, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the beautiful English countryside … Not forgetting, of course, the magical scenarios where Harry Potter was filmed.

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