Top 10 of the best views in Europe

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Top 10 of the best views in Europe

Why travel far when the good is so close? This old saying is fully justified, because even in his own front door, in Europe there is for the discerning individual traveler much to discover. We provide today before ten of the best views in the whole of Europe, from where you can enjoy unique panoramas that you will be amazed.
Top 10 scenic spots in Europe

Pico del Teide, Tenerife

Parque Nacional del Teide

The Pico del Teide, with its 3,718 m is the highest mountain in Spain and enthroned in the middle of the

National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site Parque National del Teide

on the

Canary Island of Tenerife

. The Teide is a volcano that forms the island’s landscape for over 170,000 years. Its last eruption took place in 1990. The volcano park are perfect for walks. Diverse and wondrous landscapes of bizarre rock formations to mystical cloud forests await you here. Take the cable car

Teleférico del Teide

You can drive up to 150 m below the summit station. From there you can enjoy a wonderful panorama. More hiking trails start from here.

Our tip: Discover the diversity of the Canary islands of Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma in the island hopping. Selected accommodation, a rental car on each island and great tips for special attractions make this trip a memorable experience.

Castle of Alanya, Turkey

Castle AlanyaDer resort of Alanya is located on the Turkish Riviera, about 135 km east of Antalya. The out of the dating from the second century BC castle perched on a hill above the city. The viewpoint here offers a great view over the city and the entire coastline, which extends to the bright glowing Cleopatra beach. In the foot of the castle hill is also the Damlatas Caves, a limestone cave, the air healing effects are ascribed.

Our tip: visit the nearby river Dimcay. Here it is pleasantly cool even in hot weather. Numerous authentic little “picnic” restaurants offer delicious dishes that are served in the open air and in front of the fantastic mountain panorama.

Castelo de Sao Jorge, Portugal

Lisboa_CasteloDie Castelo de Sao Jorge perched on a hill overlooking the historic city of Portugal. Its roots date back to the 2nd century BC, the castle was built in its present form in the Middle Ages, about the 10th century. Covering an area of ​​6,000 sqm sprawling installations of Sentinel, moats, archaeological excavations and of course towers extend. An observation platform provides a wonderful vantage point from which one can look out over the red roofs of Lisbon down to the blue waters of the Tagus.

Our tip: The Boutique Hotel Barrio Alto Hotel is located in central Lisbon, between the old city Barrio Alto and the colorful trendy Chiado. It is the ideal base to Lisbon to experience very intense and genuine.

Mirador del Rio, Lanzarote

MiradorDelRioAuf the Spanish island of Lanzarote architect Césa Manrique left numerous traces. Its unique architecture is a tribute to the incomparable beauty of the island and is characterized by the combination of sophisticated design and use of the island landscape. The Mirador del Rio is located at the northern tip of Lanzarote and could be the secret hiding place of a villain in the James Bond films have. Directly in the Famar a viewing platform and a café is built in 475 m height above the sea. Sweeping views along the coast and across to the sister island of La Graciosa.

Tip: Island hopping in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Only Fire Mountains, Lanzarote, then relaxing days on the beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura – adventure and relaxation in perfect harmony!

Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen, Norway One of the most impressive natural vantage points is the plateau in southern Norway Preikestolen. About 25 km from the city of Stavanger is represented by a glacier about 10,000 years ago resulting Grantiplateau about 600 m high above the nearly 40 km long Lysefjord. A trail can be reached in less than 2 hours the plateau. Caution, the plateau is not secured by a railing and the step is approached the breaking edge for hikers without fear of heights to secure a particular challenge. Good to know: regular geological surveys confirm that entering the plateau Preikestolen is safe – even though a deeper impressive (if rather narrow) crack moves along the surface.

Mirador d’es Colomer, Majorca

Mirador of ColomerDieser beautiful lookout point is located on Cap Formentor, the easternmost tip of the Formentor peninsula, which is also called “meeting place of the winds”. His name has the Mirador d’es Colomer, therefore, that he has a great view of the island of Colomer. The cliff towers here up to an incredible 380 meters beyond the sea. You can enjoy the view over the entire coastline. In the south illuminate the beaches of Alcudia, in the east, the sister island of Menorca can be seen in the west and Cala Fiquera be seen. The trip from the coastal resort of Port de Pollença to the Mirador d’es Colomer is an adventure. Along the 13 km long panoramic road tempts one or the other viewpoint to stay.

Our tip: visit the Mirador d’es Colomer in a gourmet trip to Mallorca. Selected Hotels, the scenic diversity of the Balearic Islands and already included gourmet experiences are a delight for all the senses.

Cabo Girão, Madeira

Cabo Girao Madeira Another viewpoint on an island. This is on the highest cliff of the Portuguese island of Maderia. about 580 m below the cliff surges of the sea against the island. Here are traditional terraced fields, which could be reached earlier by the peasants only by boat. Today a cable car down. From Cabo Girão one has a panoramic view of the entire south coast of Madeira. To the east lies as the capital Funchal, which offers a magnificent sight especially at night.

Our tip: Make sure you visit the built in 2012, glass viewing platform. The floor and walls are made entirely of glass and provide an unforgettable experience. Fear of heights you should not have but here 🙂

AlpspiX, Germany

alpspixDie AlpspiX is a viewing platform at the Alpine peaks, the 2,680 m high landmark of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. At about 2,000 meters above sea level, next to the mountain station of the Alpspitzbahn the two free-swinging arms of the steel structure tower 13 m above the abyss beyond. Through the bottom of gratings and the enclosure of glass plates one looks fully over the entire, magnificent expanse of Hollental. From the station you can on the trail Alpspitz-Ferrata within 2 hours and climb to the summit, to crown the panoramic experience again.

Montjuïc, Spain

Although Montjuic_BarcelonaDer Montjuïc is only 173 meters high, but has nevertheless an idyllic view over the Spanish city of Barcelona. The “mountain” of the city is easily accessible by cable car and one of its cultural centers. Here is for example the beautifully lit Magic Fountain, which dates from the 1929 World’s Fair. Also, the Catalan National Museum Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya can be found here. It houses, among other works of Velazquez and El Greco. Is crowned the mountain from the Castell de Montjuïc. A great vantage point to enjoy the view over the whole city.

Our tip: Enjoy the exciting contrast between Spain proud traditions and modern lifestyle one of the hottest cities in the world. The hotel W Barcelona is the perfect place for it!

Terrazza del brivido, Italy

Schauder Terrace GardaseeDer Lake Garda has been for many years one of the most popular lakes for vacationers from all over the world. Nestled in the magnificent mountains of the Alps in South Tyrol he promises peace and tranquility. Especially the idyllic “lemon Coast” at its west bank invites to relaxing walks and joyful gluttony into numerous small restaurants. One of them has a very special attraction: the Terrazza del brivido, the “shudder terrace”. This is right on the edge of a cliff and offers an unobstructed view of the entire lake.

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