Trinidad & Tobago: 2 islands, 1 Country

Trinidad & Tobago: 2 islands, 1 Country

In our series on the Caribbean, we have already taken to Jamaica and Curacao. Today it is the most southern corner of the Caribbean to two islands, which are not yet known, but no less Caribbean.

Although Trinidad and Tobago is a country, but different could the sister islands in the Caribbean hardly be

Almost Captain Jack Sparrow would be here went ashore to do with his “Black Pearl” the Caribbean uncertain. But only almost. Good thing, because Trinidad and Tobago remains somewhat longer a secret in the Caribbean.

The removal of the film crew does not detract from its two sister islands. Quite the contrary: It feels as if you have a slice of paradise all to themselves. Full beaches are on two islands on weekends only. During the week, you’re as good as alone and has whole sections of the beach itself.

Tobago, the smallest of the sister islands, with the smaller population, just as one imagines the Caribbean: rich white sand, emerald green palm trees and sun.
There are no major cities and agriculture is the economic sustainability factor. Those seeking peace and relaxation, this is the place.

But nature lovers will get their money: The Buccoo Reef is one of the most famous coral reefs in the southern West Indies and the flagship of the only almost 41 km long island.
The reef itself is about 26 football pitches and is since 1973 under protection. Especially for snorkelers and divers, the area is extremely popular due to its enormous range of colors.
At the beach Pigeon Point, the most beautiful beach on the island, one goes on a glass boat and can watch the colorful parrot and angel fish swimming while the boat glides through the turquoise water.

With relish, lying on the sun deck and the Soca music to listen to the party music of the English West Indies, preferably with a rum punch in hand so everyone presents the typical Caribbean vacation. And just as it is when you do a day trip to Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool.
The Nylon Pool is a chalk-white sand island in the turquoise sea and owes its name to a visit of Princess Margaret in 1962. They named the place Nylon Pool as she remembered the color of the water in nylon stockings.
It’s an incredible feeling to climb in the sea off the boat and the water is usually only waist high.
Legend has it that anyone who bathes in the Nylon Pool, afterwards feel younger by 10 years. When kissing couples there under water, the marriage be long and happy.
Whether this is true remains to be seen afterwards. In any case, you feel relaxed and comfortable after a bath.

Sunday School with a difference

On Sundays Tobago is traditionally gone to school: In the “Sunday School” understand people less reading books, but live music, partying and dancing. Of 19 to 23 clock clock the bass of the steel pan bands resound through the evening. Later put on DJ’s and the rum punch flows like water. Quiet Sunday sees the Caribbean different. Just like dancing: In Tobago, there is the “Wining” a seeming, erotic dance between men and women. On the Europeans this dance acts a little strange at first.
This Sunday is the European simply not comparable.

The big sister Trinidad

Trinidad is in contrast to Tobago louder, fuller and industrial.
The flight to the capital Port of Spain takes less than 30 minutes. From early morning until late at night fly planes back and forth between the two islands and forth ideal for island hopping.

Port of Spain, with its nearly 51,000 inhabitants, is the economic and cultural center of the country. Here are numerous restaurants, nightclubs and shopping opportunities find. There is also the main port of the country.

What immediately catches the eye, the countless food item, which can be found on the roadside and on the sidewalks. Assuming walking through the streets waving a variety of odors in the nose and you do not know what to try first.
Absolutely you should Doubles breakfast in Trinidad try. On two small, deep-fried flat bread made with chickpea curry is given and assigned to various chutneys. Although uncommon in the early morning, but very tasty.
Lunch eat most of the national dish Shark and Bake: A sandwich with fried shark meat and salad.
Then comes the evening Callaloo with chicken, a rich stew Caribbean. Dieting can be somewhere else.

After shopping and strolling through the Queens Park Savannah, the most extensive park of Port of Spain, while the main roundabout in the world, listening to a typical steel pan band is required. The Steel Pan is a traditional drum and will be incorporated in a sheet in the form of oil barrels in the various membranes to produce different heights. With drumsticks then the sounds are made. During the famous Carnival on the sister islands of the drums are the cheerleaders. The energy of the band is simply indescribable and hardly anyone is sitting in his chair.

Scenic has a lot to offer the largest of the two islands: The Caroni swamps are home to the rare red ibises. Every evening at sunset fly swarms through the mangroves to her place for the night on a mangrove island. The scarlet feather color lights in the branches and immediately catches the eye. A wonderful play of colors!

All in all, both Trinidad and Tobago everything that matters in a Caribbean vacation: beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, diverse flora and fauna as well as a way of life that has no equal investigated.

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