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U.S. Virgin Islands

The United States Virgin Islands – St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John – known as the Caribbean of America, are one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. These three islands are easily accessible by air from the mainland of the States and the currency is the American dollar. Vacation Spots in front of the ocean, small hotels, condominiums, luxury villas or campsites, the choice of accommodation will satisfy every need. Approximately 2.5 million vacationers flock here each year for the beaches of fine sand like talcum powder, the many water sports that you can practice and fine restaurants. As sisters, each of the three major islands has its own characteristics.

The largest of the three (with its 135 square km) St. Croix (pronounced Croy) shows a variety of terrain ranging from barren hills dotted with cactus to the east, to the lush tropical forests to the west. Hiking, kayaking and kite-boarding are popular pastimes and the island also boasts 2 golf courses with 18 holes. Some avid scuba argues that the island is the only place in the Caribbean where you can, on the same day, diving along a sea wall, a coral reef, a wreck and a pier. A motorboat or catamaran charter will lead you to the pristine beach for snorkeling and a marked trail up to uninhabited Buck Island Reef National Monument. St. Thomas, the best known of the Virgin Islands is the most popular due almost continuous arrival of passengers on cruise ships or mega yachts that dock at the port of Charlotte Amalie.

The main feature of St. Thomas are businesses and this has its origins in the days of the pirates of the eighteenth century. We see many perfumes, cameras, watches, fine china and crystal import. The American customs laws allow each visitor, returning from the Virgin Islands, to carry goods to the value of $ 1,600 without having to pay duties and taxes on purchases. There are many postcard beaches, including the famous Mageus Bay. You can snorkel, scuba diving, or fishing off a boat excursion. The only golf course of St. Thomas, the Mahogany Run, is known for its challenging internal holes along the cliff called Devil’s Triangle (Devil’s Triangle).

St. John, the smallest of the three islands with its 32 square kilometers, is a favorite with nature lovers. Two-thirds of the island is within the boundaries of the 3838 acre Virgin Islands National Park. More than 800 species of plants grow in the hilly tropical forest sloping down to the beaches surrounded by coral reefs. The National Park Service has added further 810 hectares of submerged federal property to create the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument, underwater park.

AIRPORTS / FLYING TIMES: Airports: St. Croix Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport. St. Thomas Cyril E. King International Airport. Flying: Atlanta: 3 hours 30 minutes. Boston: 4 hours. Charlotte: 4 hours. Chicago: 5 hours. Detroit: 5 hours. Miami / Ft. Lauderdale: 2 hours. New York: 4 hours. Philadelphia: 4 hours. Washington, DC: 4 hours. San Juan: 30 minutes, is the main airport in the area.

There are direct flights from the UK, however there are connecting flights from Antigua with LIAT and from Miami with American Airlines. There are international airports; Cyril E King Airport, St. Thomas (STT), and Henry E Rohlsen Airport to St Croix (STX).

CLIMATE: Average daytime temperature 25.5 ° C in winter and 27.8 ° C in summer, low humidity. Indicative Timetable sunrise 05:30 to 06:30. Hours 18:30 to 19:00 indicative sunset.

DINING: Restaurants available: Continental, Chinese, French. Scandinavian, grilled meat, Mexican / Mexican-Texan, Mediterranean, Thai, Vegetarian, Italian. The tip is 15% in most of the restaurants.

LANGUAGE: English. A little ‘in Spanish.

NIGHTLIFE: St. Croix: Jazz, disco, calypso / reggae, Latin and rock ‘n roll nightclub and karaoke. Cultural entertainment: Steel pan music (music with percussion instruments made ​​from steel cans), limbo, and small street carnivals “Jump Up” (outdoor parties). St. John: Local bars offer live entertainment and satellite TV. St. Thomas: Jazz, disco, calypso / reggae, Latin, rock ‘n’ roll nightclub and karaoke. Cultural entertainment: Steel pan music, theater and music.

St. Croix: Old Danish towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted. Tropical secondary forest; Heritage Trail for views Airline flights, safari tours, excursions, Whim Plantation Great House Museum. Carl & Marie Lawaetz Family Museum at Little La Grange. St. Croix Leap, Oceanique semi submersible underwater excursion (excursions underwater), Cruzan Rum Factory tour.
St John Cruz Bay National Park Visitor Center, Elaine Ione Sprauve Library and Museum, Annaberg Plantation Ruins, Bordeaux Mountain.
St. Thomas: Fort Christian, Emancipation Park, Legislature Building and Government House, Frederick Lutheran Church, Blackbeard’s Castle, Market Square, Tillet Gardens, Magens Bay & Drake’s Seat, “World Famous” Mountain Top, Estate St. Peter Great House & Botanical Gardens, Atlantis Submarine, Coral World, Paradise Point Tramway, VI Kayak ECO Tours.

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